We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation using our 5 enablers of success

WE Design

to eradicate organisation dysfunction

WE Develop

to improve performance, coordination and coherance

WE Learn

to influence how people think, feel, behave and act

WE Lead

to inspire, lead the way and to shape the future

WE Transform

to create a new and better version of yourself

Our Wicked Model

Helping industry to simplify Organisation Effectiveness (OE) through the lenses of our 3 Wicked Principles (3V): Viability, Vigour and Value. We truly believe the route to success in any business, size or configuration is through the effective intergration of HR, ODes and ODev...
The Triangle of Simplicity

Start with a Diagnostic, end with WICKED results


WickedHR is a specialist performance agency, we help businesses and their leadership to 'make sense' of their perceived current problems, surface what really matters and improve:




We take a systemic approach to diagnose the health of your business, taking a DEEP DIVE into your businesses DNA.
Our diagnostic drills into the detail, identifies options for change, creating an effective platform and enabler for successful change and transformation.


Our diagnostic uncovers what others can't and where others don't...

Gareth Evans - Founder & Simplifier

Business Transformation

WickedHR truly believe that the key to success is the effective integration of critical business services and functions. Poor INTEGRATION leads to poor PERFORMANCE. 


We work with business leaders, partner with specialists and integrate your people in bringing together values, vision, belief, trust, traditions and business norms.


WickedHR helps, supports and advances the overall future capability and performance of your BUSINESS and ultimately your PEOPLE.


Our business model places YOUR BUSINESS at the centre of our conversations. We understand business, we talk your language and we know what works to achieve uncontested SUCCESS...


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Organisational Design and Development

Our unique blend of Organisational Design and Development (OD&D) into a 'ONE CAPABILITY' approach enables organisational coherence, functional stability and improved business performance.


We take a pragmatic approach that places your people at the heart and helping to translating the complex into simplicity.


We focus on the problems faced and not jumping feet first into the solution.
WickedHR recognises the real problems are what businesses DON'T KNOW, let us help you to know more...

Leadership and Learning

Leadership Learning and Preparation is a key driver in embedding a culture of collective innovation, thinking and coordination helping to deliver effective and sustainable change.


Wicked HR champions the notion that 'Leadership reduces uncertainty' through appropriate dialogue, language and communication.


We help leaders and your people to think, act and behave positively different, creating self-organising cultures who really understand change, 'deal with it' and 'make change happen and stick.'
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